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Supplier Engagement Programme

Supporting the successful adoption and rollout of outputs from the National Projects by forging positive, ongoing relationships with the supplier community.

The Supplier Engagement Programme is supporting the rollout of National Project outputs by:

The programme has four major work streams:

1. Supplier Take-Up - The programme has demonstrated that suppliers can be successfully involved on a broad front in the development of business solutions; and that it is not unreasonable to expect them to adopt the products, standards and approaches advocated or developed by the National Projects Programme. The Take Up programme is helping the National Projects engage directly with suppliers in supporting and providing benefits to the long term future of their products.

2. Market Intelligence - Bringing together information on the local authority marketplace to develop a complete, credible picture that allows both local authorities and suppliers to understand the dynamics of each marketplace and identify key strategic players and opportunities to work together.

3. The Adapters Club - If local e-Government is to become a reality, standard approaches and components need to be developed to facilitate integration and interoperability between systems to perform standard business transactions across internal boundaries and with external agencies and organisations. Supplier involvement is essential to this process. The Adapters Club is setting these standards and engaging with suppliers and Local Authorities in support of the benefits.

4. Events and Workshops - A knowledgeable and informed supplier market is essential if adoption and take-up of the products from the National Projects is to be successful. A comprehensive programme of events and workshops aims to share knowledge among the supplier community.

For further information visit the Local Authority Market Intelligence Portal (LAMIP):

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