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Transformational government – change through technology

The ‘Transformational Government' agenda is all about change enabled by technology, says Jos Creese, head of IT at Hampshire County Council and local t-gov editorial board member; and its about to step up a gear.

Jos Creese“In practice,” says Creese, “The technology is the least critical part – the really hard bit will be fundamentally changing how government and public services work and what they do.

“However, in all the debate about changing the working practices, culture and functions of government, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that little of this is achievable without effective implementation of modern technologies.”

There are a number of aspects to this that will be, in Creese's view, critical to the success of the national strategy:

Adds Creese, “Achieving this will need a pan government Enterprise Architecture approach which identifies the key areas of standards and common services – the railway track on which we can all run services.”