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local e-gov Programmes

local e-gov = Transformation

In essense, the local e-gov initiative aims to help local authorities make effective use of technology to modernise both the way in which local government works and the means by which it delivers services to its citizens.

Technology has the power to bring information together and put it at council officers' finger tips – no matter where they are – as they deliver council services. Whether that means being able to competently answer queries in a council call centre or help an old age pensioner fill in their benefits form in the comfort of their own home, technology gives officers the opportunity to deliver the right service, to the right person, in the way that person chooses.

Local e-government enables councils to:

But technology can not just be stamped on top of existing structures. To get the full benefits cultures and management structures have to evolve – this is all part of local e-government.

The benefits of local e-government are pervasive and will be felt by all, enabling councils to transform services, renew local democracy and promote local economic vitality.

Local e-government also underpins a council's ability to respond to the ongoing transformation and efficiency agendas.

Apart from the local e-gov National Projects a number of other key local e-gov programmes have been working hard to help local authorities gain the full benefits that local e-government has to offer:

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